How to Boost Your Energy Naturally

How to Boost Your Energy Naturally

Life is hard right now, and it’s okay to not be okay. With quarantine and social distancing extending into the fourth month and regular routines interrupted, you might be feeling sluggish. It’s tempting to sleep in and lose your motivation. Getting a little pick me up is always a good choice.  Whether you are looking for ways to increase your energy when tired or wondering why your energy is so low in general, here are 10 tips to boost your energy naturally.

10 Tips To Boost Your Energy Naturally

Have a Daily Routine

Raise your hand if you’ve forgotten what day it is during the coronavirus quarantine. With schools and businesses closed, many working from home and most entertainment on hold until the pandemic is under control, without the normal ebb and flow of workdays and weekends, one week rolls into another to another. 

The predictability of a routine can help center you in an otherwise unpredictable world. Building a daily routine can help ground you. Start with a consistent sleep schedule, then add meals and meal preparation, work or chores and an exercise activity. 

Go for a Walk

A daily walk helps to clear your head, lubricate your joints and add a cardio boost to your day. Even a single 15-minute walk can give you an energy boost, and the benefits increase with more frequent physical activity. Start with a trip to the mailbox or to the end of the driveway and build up from there. A brisk walk also helps boost production of stress-busting endorphins. To encourage longer walks, consider listening to music or a podcast to pass the time. Any regular light to moderate exercise will increase your energy and help get a good night’s sleep. An added benefit: Exercise revs up your immune system and increases resiliency.

Control Stress

We all know that being stressed out can make us feel tired and exhausted. What tools do you use to manage your stress level? Whether it’s meditation, reading a book, cooking, gardening or talking to a loved one, reducing stress is healthful and contributes to a higher level of energy.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is all about balancing the energy we take in with the energy we burn. The more weight you carry, the harder your body must work to complete everyday tasks like climbing stairs or cleaning. Good Medicine Choice Ultra Drops includes highly potent ingredients such as the extract from the African Mango plant, essential amino acids like Arginine, Carnitine and Glutamine, and African fruit Irvingia gabonensis, praised for its ability to reduce belly fat and maintain healthy blood sugar, cholesterol levels and energy levels.

Getting Enough Vitamin D

Excessive fatigue and tiredness may be a sign of vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is vital for making our muscles work efficiently and boosting energy levels. Vitamin D is absent from all natural foods except fish and egg yolks. Vitamin K2 and D3 play crucial roles in calcium metabolism, which contributes to healthy blood vessels and bone strength. GMC’s Vitamin K2 + D3 with BioPerene is designed to maintain proper calcium balance.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking fluids is crucial to staying healthy and maintaining the function of every system in your body, including the heart, brain, muscles and digestive system. Symptoms of dehydration include headaches, fatigue and dizziness.  Your body requires approximately 2 quarts or just under 2 liters of water per day. To maintain proper hydration, adults are recommended to drink 6-8 glasses of water or fluids per day. 

Energy-Boosting Foods

If you want to keep your energy levels up, pay attention to diet. Instead of focusing on calories, consider what foods are the most nutritious. Energy-boosting foods include nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin D, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B vitamins, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and fiber. Consider adding clean whole foods like bananas, avocados, strawberries, citrus fruits, nuts, beans, eggs, sweet potatoes, yogurt, quinoa, green tea and green leafy vegetables. GMC’s Complete Multivitamin contains essential vitamins and minerals and immune support, health support, and antioxidant and energy blends.

Reduce Alcohol & Caffeine Intake

Drinking coffee in the morning might rev you up to start the day, but then there’s the caffeine crash that can slow you down later in the day. Try substituting with a coffee blend with less caffeine that provides the benefit of additional brain-healthy nutrients like chaga, lion’s mane, L-theanine, and powerful antioxidants such as turmeric and cinnamon. Our Grateful Earth 3-in-1 Instant Coffee, made of a 100% premium blend of Arabica & Robusta beans, has just 15 mg of caffeine, compared to 50 mg for a regular cup of joe or 80 mg for a Venti Starbucks.  

Take Energy-Boosting Supplement

How can you get instant energy? Good Medicine Choice Oxy Burn Thermogenic dietary supplement helps boost energy and burn fat with an all-natural formula combining the right amount of caffeine and energy-boosting compounds plus amino acids to support muscle building and reduce fatigue. Couldn’t we all use that? 

Smell a Lemon – Try Aromatherapy

Smelling certain scents, or aromatherapy, is believed to have all kinds of mood benefits, but lemon oil is one of the only essential oils with proven support for increasing energy. Lemon is considered a stimulating scent, and studies have shown it actually improves subjects’ moods. Good Medicine Choice Immushield Essential Oil Blend offers a blend of essential oils, including lemon, clove, cinnamon, peppermint and eucalyptus that stimulate the limbic system and add some pep to your step.

Coronavirus is no joke, we need to be aware of our surroundings, ourselves, and the people around us and their own personal health battles. Increasing your energy and living a more active lifestyle has benefits that include strengthening immunity and improving your overall mood. We are here to make you the best version of yourself that you can be, for you, your family, and friends. 

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