Exercise Revs Up Your Immune System, Increases Resiliency

Exercise Revs Up Your Immune System, Increases Resiliency

Multiple studies in humans and animals have demonstrated the profound impact exercise can have on the immune system. Our immune response capability becomes reduced as we age, contributing to more infections and more cancer. Exercise improves immune regulation, delaying the onset of age-related dysfunction.

There is a general consensus that regular bouts of short-lasting moderate intensity exercise (30-45 minutes) is beneficial for host immune defense, particularly in older adults and people with chronic diseases. Exercise enhances your immunity by mobilizing immune cells into the blood, lymph and tissues. It also helps your immune cells to regenerate faster.

In fact, physical fitness and moderate intensity exercise training lower chronic low-grade inflammation and improve various immune markers in several disease states including cancer, HIV, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cognitive impairment and obesity. Make it a daily habit of exercising at least half an hour.

“Working out for as little as 30 minutes, three times per week can reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugar, reduce sex hormones, and strengthen the immune system.”

Study: Exercise Decreases Risk of 13 Different Types of Cancer

A new study analyzing the self-reported physical activity among 1.44 million study participants has found a link between regular exercise and cancer prevention. ⁣ The study, published May 16 in JAMA Internal Medicine, found that physical activity was associated with a significantly decreased risk of 13 different types of cancer, including esophageal cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, kidney cancer, myeloid leukemia, multiple myeloma, as well as cancers of the head and neck, rectum, bladder, and lung cancer.

Exercise Plays Important Role in Managing Stress

couple-exercising-exercise-increases-immune-system-strengthExercise increases the release of endorphins, making it a great way to manage stress. Since stress negatively impacts our immune system, this is another way exercise can improve immune response.

Stress leads to the elevation of stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which are responsible for the fight or flight response. Prolonged elevations can negatively impact cardiovascular, respiratory, reproductive and immune health.

Reduce stress by optimizing diet and sleep, increasing physical activity, meditation and mindfulness, and talking with friends and family to improve health and wellbeing.

Do you need motivation to begin exercising?

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