Researchers tie Chronic Inflammation to Severe COVID-19 Disease

Researchers tie Chronic Inflammation to Severe COVID-19 Disease

Researchers tied inflammation as a factor in severe COVID-19 disease in a peer-reviewed article exploring the relationship between chronic inflammation and cytokine storm syndrome (CSS) in COVID-19. The paper was produced by a team of researchers that include practitioners with Good Medicine Choice®, Inc. (GMC) and was published in “Emerging Infectious Diseases and Diagnosis Journal.” 

The COVID-19 research paper suggests the lab panels which measure a variety of factors related to inflammation in hospitalized COVID-19 patients should be implemented by primary care doctors to mitigate chronic illness in the general population. 

GMC Principals Mikhail Artamonov, MD; Thomas J. Lewis, PhD; and Michael Carter, MD; joined a team of renowned researchers in outlining how the physiological markers elevated in CSS are a model for a progressive health care model to assess and reduce risk of severe illness in this and future viral pandemics

“Measurable physiological health can be improved with lifestyle changes and is key to preventing chronic diseases and surviving COVID-19 and other infectious diseases,” GMC Founder Dr. Artamonov said. GMC is a collaborative network of practitioners partnering in telemedicine, healthcare technology and health product research and development.

 Chronic Inflammation Precursor to Cytokine Storm Syndrome

Pre-existing chronic conditions are highly correlated to poor COVID-19 outcomes and death. In fact, people with cardiovascular disease who become infected die at a rate 1200% higher than those with no health problems.

Chronic inflammation is tied to a variety of health conditions, including autoimmune disorders, neurological disorders, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. The overproduction of early response pro-inflammatory cytokines in COVID-19 disease results in CSS, where large numbers of white blood cells are activated and spread beyond infected body parts and attack healthy tissues. CSS leads to a hyper-inflammatory condition that can damage the liver, heart, the blood vessel walls, and the lungs and result in multi-organ failure and eventually death.

 Importantly, the measurement Harvard University School of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and other major medical groups use to stratify patients with COVID-19 identifies factors contributing to chronic inflammation, which is an indicator of debilitating and often deadly CSS in COVID-19. 

The researchers recommend that a full assessment of biomarkers indicating chronic inflammation be part of a new standard in preventive primary care. “What our paper concludes is that if you identify inflammation in individuals and develop protocols such as lifestyle factors, diet, exercise and supplements, you can reduce risk and improve overall immunity,” said Lewis, one of the primary co-authors of the study. 

“We propose that everyone should be testing using the Harvard COVID-19 risk stratification protocol and not reserve this testing just for those already severely ill in hospitals,” he said. “Risk stratification implies that everyone lies somewhere on the COVID-19 severity continuum, even if you haven’t been exposed to the virus. Since the testing may lead to a plan to improve your resilience, it can empower an individual to resist the virus and return to work without potential consequences. It may even make them less contagious.”

About Good Medicine Choice®, Inc.

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